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"The 18S" is a brushed finished stainless steel featuring EL Bandido Grill's pioneering, single neck gaucho grill with a spacious 18” wide cooking grate traveling a distance of 24” from the fire brick to its highest position giving you precise control over temperature.

The solid steel grill box is lined with one-inch fire brick, with removeable front, swinging doors.  For mobility, The 18S is mounted on custom 6”  (2,400 lb rated per caster weight capacity) with locking brakes.

EL Bandido Grill's 18S stock grate is a robust, half-inch stainless steel round bar which is easily removable with our "quick latch" system for easy care, cleaning and interchanging.

The 18S comes in stainless steel with El Bandido black letter highlight trim.


Grate size                          21 3/4" wide X 16 1/4" deep (19 7/8" cooking space)
Total grill width              26 1/2" wide X 22 1/4" deep (28 1/2" including gaucho box)
with side shelf                42"
With dual side shelf     57 1/2" 
Height                               32 1/4" from ground to the top of the fire brick or "coal zone"
Full height                      56" from ground to top height of grate (fully extended)
Side shelf                        15 1/4" wide X 17 3/4" deep
Gaucho handle             3 1/4" X 3/4"
Fire door handle          2 1/4" X 3/4"
Weight                             130 lbs 


Interchangeable Grates:

The El Bandido offers options at check out for "V grates" in mild steel or stainless (catch pan included),  round bar grates in stainless steel and mesh, also in mild or expanded metal.

The Fire Grate feature offers you the option to build your fire above the fire brick, allowing ash to drop down, keeping your coals active on the grate.

The Side Shelf option features an innovative and sleek, slide-in shelf design, that can be folded and tucked away when not in use.  The Side Shelf is available by adding just one side or both on your 18TB.


Protect your 18TB with EL Bandido Grill's custom cover, available in half or full size.  Made in-house from durable, weather and UV resistant material.

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