1957 Offset Smoker from Workhorse Pits

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1957 Offset Smoker from Workhorse Pits

The 1957 is the smallest model Workhorse Pits builds.  Despite its sleek and compact design, it embodies the stellar performance Workhorse Pits is renowned for. It is robust enough to handle two briskets or four Boston butts, while its precise engineering ensures even burning.  The "1957" is only available for purchase at Workhorse Pits' flagship factory store (Wood Fire Mercantile) located on the Workhorse Pits campus in Cleveland, Georgia USA.

Designed with computational fluid dynamics, you can expect this unit to burn an even plus or minus five degrees across the chamber.  Workhorse Pits offsets have built a reputation of unbeatable performance, ease of use, and excellent results in BBQ.  Featuring the popular RAW linseed oil coating for exterior finish makes the 1957 both stylish, sturdy and easy to maintain.

Crafted with 3/8" thick wall American made pipe and mounted on 6" casters, this powerful smoker delivers great BBQ without taking up too much patio space. With options like the Cowboy Grill, a top pull-out rack, and Workhorse Pits' popular RAW linseed oil coating, the 1957 offers everything you need to output outstanding BBQ!


  • Cooking Surface: 1601 Sq Inches (with Top Pull-out Rack and Cowboy Grill)
  • Exterior Size: Overall Length - 66", Chamber Length - 37", Firebox Length - 21", Overall Height - 73"
  • Weight: 670lbs

The 1957 comes available to ride on casters or a wagon package, and features two configurations (see the two options below) to output excellent BBQ.  The 1957 is coated with a RAW linseed oil which allows you to keep your smoker looking brand new throughout a lifetime, or many lifetimes.


  • Tel-Tru® Temperature Gauges (2)
  • Grease Drain
  • Probe Port
  • Break-Away Stack
  • Wood Storage Rack
  • 6" Solid Rubber Casters



  • Cowboy Firebox (including cooking grates)
  • Top Pull-Out Rack (including a top, slide out grates)
  • Tel-Tru® Temperature Gauges (3)
  • Grease Drain
  • Probe Port
  • Break-Away Stack
  • Wood Storage Rack
  • 6" Solid Rubber Casters



  • Clear Coat or Black Gloss
  • Length: 72-3/4"
  • Width: 27-1/2"
  • Weight: 975 lbs.

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