20” Firebox Scraper by Workhorse Pits


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**New orders will be available August 12, 2024. If shipped, delivery will be within 1-3 weeks of August 12th.**

The 20” Firebox Scraper by Workhorse Pits, a vital tool for maintaining your 1957 & 1969 models. With its raw, clear coat finish and custom design, this hand-built scraper is precisely tailored to fit your Workhorse Pit. It’s more than just a functional device; it’s a piece of craftsmanship that complements the quality and performance of your smoker. Use the scraper to effortlessly remove ashes and debris from your firebox, maintaining the perfect grilling environment. Keeping your smoker clean has never been so convenient!


  • Compatibility: Designed exclusively for the 1957 & 1969 Workhorse Pit models.
  • Construction: Handcrafted from durable materials with a raw, clear coat finish.
  • Functionality: Offers efficient ash and debris removal for optimal grilling performance.
  • Quality Assurance: Custom built to fit your Workhorse Pit, reflecting our commitment to quality and functionality.

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